My work is inspired and guided by many brilliant practitioners, dedicated teachers, and wise grandmothers who have led the way and provided a foundation for the emerging field of hands-on energy medicine, intuitive energy work and holistic wellness.

To name only a few, I have deep gratitude for:

Founder of Polarity Therapy, Dr. Randolph Stone DC;

2011 Right Livelihood Award recipient and birth keeper, the magnificent Ina May Gaskin; and

Dr. Ben Kuennan DC, pioneer of what is now called Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™.



To be truly present with another person is essential to the art of being a practitioner.  We cultivate this presence by:

  • recognizing that intuition is a natural part of experience,
  • connecting to a deeper source, and
  • learning to own our unique brilliance so we may have the capacity to hold an amazing space for the client.

To bring integrity to the healing partnership empowers the client and creates trust. Keys to this empowerment are:

  • maintaining presence with a client as a facilitator of their healing, without pushing beyond their boundaries,
  • honoring and following the client’s own Body Wisdom; and
  • providing care that sparks and strengthens the body’s natural healing ability.  

The essence of healing is alignment with the innate intelligence that exists in all of nature.



The Center for Integrative Energy Medicine is a bridge for people to experience the dynamic healing power of intuitive energy work and hands-on Energy Medicine. I help visionary healers deepen their capabilities and effectiveness, diversify their income, and find the keys to longevity in their practices so they may continue to do what they love and make a bigger impact in the world.

Many have said that Energy Medicine is the medicine of the future. The Visionary Healers Training Program offerings are a vehicle to bring forward this emerging paradigm, a union of quantum physics and ancient wisdom. We do this through education and apprenticeship.

Another primary objective of our work is empowering others to invest in their own well-being instead of waiting for a crisis. We educate how to implement simple, natural solutions on a daily basis to nourish the body at the cellular level, balance emotions and increase overall well-being. This proactive and integrative approach is all about aligning and rejuvenating with the life force found in nature.


After 40 years of successfully working with clients and students in this capacity, it’s my premise that often the swiftest and most direct pathway to shift a situation and move ourselves towards wholeness is to work with our subtle energies and to change the quality of our thoughts. We encourage healing from this more holistic perspective.