Are you passionate about being part of the solution to the health care crisis?

Do you know you’re meant to be a healer? Is this a calling for you?

Do you want to learn how to give an extraordinary and dynamic treatment using no force at all?

Are you ready to learn how to work with the energy body?


A Bridge to the Healing Power of Hands-on Energy Medicine

This program is for you if:

  • You know it’s time to tap more deeply into your healing ability
  • You want to connect to a deeper source
  • You’re ready to learn how to give an extraordinary and dynamic treatment without having to use any force

In this life-changing program you will:

  • Learn how to feel completely confident with giving an effective hands-on treatment
  • Learn 5 essential keys to practicing Polarity Therapy and energy work like a pro
  • Develop sensitivity to the energy fields of the body through both giving receiving
  • Experience firsthand the tangible, holistic benefits of energy work for you and for others

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QEST™ is a highly organized system of hands-on care that triggers the body’s innate healing ability by skillfully working with the body’s energy field. Disrupted energy patterns are assisted in regaining their force – a “recharging” that allows the return or emergence of health.

With QEST™ care, clients often experience positive changes from the start. The true power of QEST™ goes beyond these results by focusing on foundational and underlying causes and inter-relationships, rather than just working with symptoms. Practitioners have the capacity to access the client’s innate body wisdom, providing profoundly client-centered care. QEST™ is uniquely cumulative in nature, and all previous treatments serve as a foundation for the care that is to follow.

QEST™ is learned through an exciting journey of training and personal evolution that includes live webinars, practicum, assignments, internship, proficiency testing, mentorship and much more.

Graduates are certified as “Practitioners” through AAEM (see Certification is maintained annually after graduation through Continuing Education. The intent of this CE is for practitioners to deepen their understanding and refine their skills; also to assure clients and practitioners receive the benefits of the most current research and procedures available.

Vision Healers Training Program include the following QEST™ programs:


SACRED BIRTH APPRENTICESHIP – Energetic Blueprint for Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum



Discover and deepen your perception of subtle energies. Learn about the patterns and principles of life force energy within you and around you. Implement practical ways to open your intuition, recognize your unique brilliance, more fully own your life purpose, and feel more grounded with your natural abilities.

Developing these gifts opens the door to :

  • more confidence to express yourself authentically
  • more unconditional love towards yourself and others and, through it, more clarity and ease
  • more effective interactions with loved ones, with the people around you, at work, and with clients
  • understanding clients’ challenges at a much deeper level
  • making a bigger impact with your work and in the world

This training stands alone as a vehicle for personal evolution and is offered in various formats, including small groups and individual mentorship. “Owning your Energy: Opening to Your Intuition” goes hand in hand with mastering the art of hands-on Energy Medicine and is integral to the QEST™ Practitioner Training Program and the Sacred Birth Apprenticeship. It is offered one-on-one and in various other formats. For more information, contact Sandra.

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