She wanted to make an authentic and meaningful contribution with her life,

and she recognized this was only going to happen when she began a journey of personal healing.


below naris & nasal bone contactgsIn her early twenties Sandra was depressed, hesitant, in her head most of the time and not in her body. She longed to feel lighter and to have more joy. More than anything, though, she wanted to make an authentic and meaningful contribution with her life. She recognized this was only going to be possible when she began a journey of personal healing.

Open and willing, with no clear road map, she began the journey. By listening to her intuition she quickly found she had a real affinity for energy work, and for hands-on Energy Medicine.

She was amazed at how the gentle yet dynamic power of energy medicine gave her more physical vitality, opened doors to the emotional healing she needed, and helped her own her gifts of intuition and healing. She began to feel a sense of wholeness and well-being inside that was entirely new. Through this awakening she had found the deep career of her heart.

Sandra now has over 40 years’ experience in the field of energy work and hands-on Energy Medicine. She holds many professional certifications and has continued to develop personally and professionally. She holds the titles of QEST™ Master Practitioner, Reiki Master, and President of AAEM, to name a few.

In 2014 she founded the Center for Integrative Medicine to make a bigger impact in the world. She helps visionary healers deepen their capabilities and effectiveness, and diversify their income, so they can continue to do what they love.


Sandra always intended to be a midwife; she really did. In her 20’s, trained in natural healing and polarity therapy, she was able go along with 2 midwives to meet the pregnant mothers during their pre-natal care, and to assist during labor and the birth. She felt it was a privilege to be present for this sacred life passage and she felt honored that the midwife and the birthing mother trusted and appreciated her being there. She was truly in her my element helping to facilitate physical and emotional ease for the birthing mother, and holding the space energetically for the entire birthing experience.newborn face & hands 123rf

When she started a family, life intervened and pulled her in another direction. She thought she would go back to birthing. Instead she found herself going further into the field of energy work and hands-on energy medicine. She gave thousands of sessions over many years: refining her skills, learning, and teaching.

She continued to be passionate about contributing to the world by being part of the solution to the health care crisis. What she didn’t see was this: the path she took would eventually result in the possibility for her to come full circle, returning to the birthing community carrying a profound treasure from which we can all benefit.

With this vision, Sandra now offers birthing professionals and families an unprecedented, hands-on Energy Medicine Blueprint for Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum. This work safely and naturally brings more ease to the birth process and offers extraordinary depth of resolution for birth trauma and injury thus providing newborn, mother and family with the best possible holistic beginning.