“I can’t explain it . . . I’m just a better practitioner since being on the webinars last fall!” 

  “I love the small class we have . . . the atmosphere – it’s unbelievable”

   “I have great respect and gratitude for Sandra and for what she has professionally and spiritually brought to my life”

   “I’m continually impressed with her dedication to her students”

  “I trust Sandra implicitly”

Visionary HealerWorking with Sandra was an amazing experience!  Sandra is a master at what she does!  Regular sessions with her brought greater ease and comfort to my body. I am singing again which is a wondrous miracle. – Elizabeth R., singer and music teacher Eureka CA


Visionary HealerI have been Sandra’s client for over half my life and I know my life would not be as good and fulfilling as it is if I had not met her. She brings a wide range of modalities to the table. She is able to apply just what you need to make it through whatever is bothering you, whether it be an illness, injury, emotional rough patch, or past life hangover. I trust Sandra implicitly. – Libby M., artist Eureka CA


Visionary HealerSandra holds an amazing space around the work that she does. She connects and tunes in to the person to see what it is that is really needed before she starts. She was able to loosen spots that had been chronically tight and free up motion in parts of my body that have been so stiff that I haven’t even noticed how stiff they were. I have “lightness” about me after working with her. – Linda S., writer Alameda CA


Visionary HealerSandra has a deep understanding of subtle energies and their relationship to the physical body. Working with her has illuminated my own healing path. I have a better understanding of how to take care of myself and my family on all levels as a result of working with Sandra. – Gabriel F., healer, musician and empowerment coach Ashland OR


Visionary HealerI just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s class. I loved it. Much of the material is information that I had forgotten or don’t apply in my practice and would like to.  Honestly, I could use this Wednesday morning class year round!  I hope we will continue with this mode of education. Awesome! – Lisa V., QEST™ practitioner, Castle Rock CO


Visionary HealerI have had profound and positive results from Sandra’s care. These results made me very connected to Quantum Energetics – so much that I took a QEST™ Practitioner Training course from her and graduated in 2014. – Nanette L., park ranger and QEST™ Practitioner Carlotta CA


Visionary HealerHer energy and vision for the teaching and growth of Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ – while holding a solid commitment to preserving its integrity – have made her a mainstay in our QEST™ community and an asset to the greater community at large.  I’m continually impressed by her dedication to her clients and students and I am happy to have her as a colleague. Without reservation, I encourage you to contact Sandra to receive QEST™, to learn QEST™, or perhaps to creatively partner with her in promoting health and wellness. – Judith H., founder and head instructor Quantum Energetics Institute Fort Collins CO


Visionary HealerAt the beginning of my career, Sandra instilled a crucial philosophy of healing, which is to be present with an individual as a facilitator of their healing, but not to push beyond their boundaries. Her ability to teach the technical side is tremendous, but she equally teaches integrity in the healing arts. – Andrew D., organization and management consultant Larkspur CO


Visionary HealerI enjoyed the online continuing education. It was well organized (good flow, excellent visuals), well presented (pace was just right for me, good voice quality), professional (you know what you’re talking about), informative (I learned new information and new ways of looking at info I know), and great to be able to attend a high quality online class. – Paula B., QEST™ Practitioner Redwood City CA